Reselling Apps in India
Reselling Apps in India

Top 20 Reselling Apps in India for Buying or Selling

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Reselling Apps in India In the past decade, reselling apps have witnessed a surge in popularity in the online marketplace, proving to be a lasting trend. The convenience they offer to both buyers and sellers has contributed to their widespread adoption. This article explores the concept of reselling, the role of resellers, and presents a comprehensive list of the 20 best reselling apps in India for selling or shopping Reselling Apps in India.

Understanding Reselling

A reseller is an individual who lists unsold goods with the aim of making a profit. Reselling encompasses various items, including clothing, electronics, and books. This concept allows individuals to discover products for resale and earn commissions on sales Reselling Apps in India.

What is a Reseller App?

Reseller apps serve as online marketplaces where users can showcase their products and connect with potential buyers. These apps often allow users to negotiate prices to reach a mutually acceptable agreement between the buyer and the seller Reselling Apps in India.

Types of Reselling Apps

Different reselling apps cater to specific needs, such as general platforms like eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark for diverse item sales, niche apps like Depop and StockX for specialized goods, and social media options like Facebook Marketplace. Localized apps such as OfferUp and Letgo facilitate nearby transactions Reselling Apps in India.

Reselling Apps in India


  • Notable for its deal-sharing platform, EarnKaro enables users to earn up to Rs 30,000 per month without any upfront investment. Users can partner with over 150 brands across various categories Reselling Apps in India.
Reselling Apps in India


  • An eCommerce platform that empowers small businesses and individuals to start online ventures. Meesho resellers can share product images and book orders on behalf of customers to earn profits.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A part of Amazon India, Glowroad offers a wide range of products at wholesale rates. Resellers can share product links with friends, set profit margins, and keep the original prices confidential Reselling Apps in India.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A multinational platform connecting millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. eBay offers a diverse range of products and is known for its accessibility and global reach.
Reselling Apps in India


  • An eCommerce company facilitating the buying and selling of items. Mercari is user-friendly and promotes the handicraft industry.
Reselling Apps in India

Shop 101

  • Trusted by over 1 lakh resellers, Shop 101 allows users to set up free online stores, add profit margins, and promote products on social media platforms.
Reselling Apps in India


  • The largest online marketplace for resellers in India, Cartley focuses on trending fashion from various brands.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A popular reselling app in India, OLX provides a platform for buying and selling a variety of products, including mobiles, scooters, motorcycles, and houses.
Reselling Apps in India


  • Recognized for selling items in consistently perfect condition, Decluttr ensures a quick and easy selling process for various goods, including electronics.
Reselling Apps in India


  • Known for its reliability and simplicity, ZyMi allows vendors to set up free online stores and earn commissions from sales.
Reselling Apps in India


  • With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, OfferUp is a dependable reseller app that incentivizes positive interactions between buyers and sellers.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A reselling marketplace particularly useful for urban businesses, offering exceptional customer service and promoting local businesses.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A prominent destination for secondhand goods, Quikr facilitates the buying and selling of electronics, furniture, clothing, vehicles, and more.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A top marketplace with over 200 million items, Poshmark spans various categories, including fashion, beauty, and home d├ęcor.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A platform offering access to verified sellers and a large selection of affordable vehicles with flexible payment options.
Reselling Apps in India


  • An eCommerce site for buying and selling various goods, Carousell primarily deals in clothing and cars, providing opportunities for resellers to earn commissions.
Reselling Apps in India

Amazon Seller Marketplace

  • A well-acclaimed platform with a massive user base, Amazon Seller Marketplace supports the reselling of diverse products, making it a commercially viable business platform.
Reselling Apps in India


  • A social commerce platform where merchants can start businesses and resell goods on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
Reselling Apps in India


  • One of India’s most well-known online retailer apps, Flipkart offers a vast range of products across various categories, providing a commercially viable platform for resellers.
Reselling Apps in India

LetGo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

  • A platform for purchasing or selling used and secondhand goods, LetGo has become the biggest online marketplace with over 100 million downloads.
Reselling Apps in India

Advantages of Reselling Apps

No Investment:

  • Reselling apps allow individuals to start a business without upfront investments or the need for inventory.

Shipping and Fulfillment:

  • Resellers are not responsible for shipping or fulfillment; the manufacturer handles these aspects.

Sell Unlimited Items:

  • Resellers have the flexibility to sell a wide range of products, providing limitless options for business.

Work From Home:

  • Reselling can be conducted from the comfort of home, offering flexibility and convenience.


Choosing the best reselling app depends on individual preferences and business goals. The listed apps are user-friendly, highly rated, and have received positive reviews, making them reliable choices for reselling ventures. Use these platforms to kickstart your reselling business and achieve new levels of success.

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