Blogging Platforms
Blogging Platforms

Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms to Launch Your Blog in 2023: Tried, Compared and Reviewed

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Blogging Platforms Are you on the lookout for reliable free blogging sites to kickstart your writing journey? Whether you aspire to share updates with friends and family or aim to build a blog with a broader audience, we’ve curated a list of ten fantastic platforms where you can start a blog for free. We’ll guide you towards the platform that best suits your needs. Here’s your comprehensive overview Blogging Platforms:

Blogging Platforms

Blogging Platforms

Wix (

  • Best for: Non-techies seeking a blend of regular website functionality and blogging.
  • Highlights: Wix offers a free website and blog builder with a user-friendly front-end interface. It provides a 100% free plan, robust drag-and-drop tools, and a variety of templates for blogging Blogging Platforms.
Blogging Platforms

WordPress (

  • Best for: Individuals desiring 100% control over their blog for long-term commitment.
  • Highlights: As an open-source platform, WordPress provides extensive customization features, thousands of themes and plugins, and an active community for support. Requires web hosting, and Bluehost is recommended for its affordability and reliability Blogging Platforms.
Blogging Platforms

LinkedIn (

  • Best for: Business owners and professionals aiming to reach a pre-existing audience.
  • Highlights: LinkedIn offers easy-to-use tools and access to a focused audience of professionals. With over 30 million active businesses, it serves as a potent platform for exposure.
Blogging Platforms

Weebly (

  • Best for: Those seeking an alternative to Wix with a user-friendly platform.
  • Highlights: Weebly is a versatile website builder supporting blog creation, product sales, and portfolio showcasing. It features a WYSIWYG editor with drag-and-drop elements.
Blogging Platforms

Medium (

  • Best for: Users prioritizing writing, seeking a built-in audience, and not concerned about a dedicated site.
  • Highlights: Medium is a multipurpose platform with a vast audience, attracting 60 million readers per month. It offers simplicity in writing and exposure to diverse topics Blogging Platforms.
Blogging Platforms

Ghost (

  • Best for: Individuals desiring a modern vibe, with caution regarding technical setup.
  • Highlights: Ghost is a WordPress-like platform with a minimalist editor and a live preview. Requires paid hosting, and DigitalOcean is recommended for its features Blogging Platforms.
Blogging Platforms

Blogger (

  • Best for: Users focused on writing without a strong need for site ownership.
  • Highlights: Blogger, one of the oldest free blogging sites, offers simplicity for personal blogs. It features a Google+ profile-like interface and allows ad placements within content Blogging Platforms.
Blogging Platforms

Tumblr (

  • Best for: Users preferring short-form, image-focused content without requiring standard website functionality.
  • Highlights: Tumblr, an original blogging site, emphasizes multimedia and social media-like content. It has a playful interface, simplicity, and supports ads and affiliate links.
Blogging Platforms

Joomla (

  • Best for: Those seeking a WordPress alternative capable of handling heavy loads.
  • Highlights: Joomla, similar to, offers flexibility for complex websites. It features an old-school editor with tabbed categories and customization options.
Blogging Platforms

Jimdo (

  • Best for: Users aiming for a simple website with an integrated blogging module.
  • Highlights: Jimdo provides a page-builder feel, allowing automatic blog creation based on user input. While the free plan offers a subdomain, custom domains require an upgrade.

Select the platform that aligns with your blogging goals, whether it’s full control, exposure, or simplicity. These top 10 free blogging sites cater to various preferences, ensuring a seamless start to your blogging journey.

Blogging Platforms

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