Food Bloggers to Follow
Food Bloggers to Follow

15 Top Food Bloggers to Follow in India 2024

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Food Bloggers to Follow Craving the perfect recipe for your favorite Indian, Chinese, or Italian dish? Look no further—food bloggers are your culinary guides on the vast landscape of the internet. As the esteemed Anthony Bourdain once remarked, “Food is everything we are.” In the competitive realm of food blogging, Indian food bloggers have emerged as influential voices, sharing their favorite dishes, recipes, and promoting healthy eating. Here’s a curated list, in no particular order, of the 15 best food bloggers from India to follow today Food Bloggers to Follow.

Food Bloggers to Follow

Food Bloggers to Follow


  • Creator of ‘,’ Dassana shares vegetarian recipes, both Indian and international. Her blog, ‘Dassana’s Veg Recipes,’ is a testament to healthy living without any external promotions

Archana Doshi:

  • Founder of ‘Archana’s Kitchen,’ Archana empowers readers with effortless cooking and promotes healthy food habits through her diverse range of recipes, including baking and meal plans

Malika Basu:

  • A food entrepreneur and cookbook author residing in England, Malika Basu’s blog ‘’ features recipes for drinks, fish, vegetarian, and rice, alongside insights into spices


  • Chef, food presenter, and founder of the Spice Club, Monica shares her expertise in Indian cooking through ‘The Spice Diary,’ offering online classes and responding to cooking queries Food Bloggers to Follow.

Rajeswari Vijayanand:

  • Known as Raks Kitchen, Rajeswari specializes in vegetarian recipes, particularly South Indian cuisine. Her blog showcases tried-and-tested recipes developed over her 14 years of blogging Food Bloggers to Follow.

Aarthi Satheesh:

  • A blogger, YouTube recipe creator, and photographer, Aarthi left her research job to passionately pursue cooking. ‘Yummy Tummy’ features her culinary journey, travels, and an extensive recipe index Food Bloggers to Follow.

Vegan Richa:

  • Former software developer turned recipe developer, Richa’s blog, ‘Vegan Richa,’ focuses exclusively on vegan recipes. She shares her journey and resources to help others cook delicious vegan meals Food Bloggers to Follow.

Shivesh Bhatia:

  • Award-winning blogger and author of ‘Bake with Shivesh,’ Shivesh specializes in desserts. His blog, an Amazon Bestseller, encompasses a wide variety of delectable desserts.

Uma Raghuraman:

  • Chef and mom blogger, Uma’s blog ‘Masterchef Mom’ boasts over 900 vegetarian recipes, covering desserts, snacks, fusion recipes, and more.


  • Freelance writer and food blogger, Ankiet’s ‘Belly over mind’ offers a diverse collection of recipes, making it accessible for amateurs, chefs, and seasoned cooks alike.

Nandita Saffron:

  • Blogger and author of ‘Everyday Healthy Vegetarian,’ Nandita shares her vegetarian blog ‘Saffron Trail,’ featuring healthy breakfast recipes, nutrition tips, and salads.

Harpal Singh Sokhi:

  • Celebrity chef and ‘Energy Chef of India,’ Harpal Sokhi’s blog features a variety of Indian recipes, offering quick and easy options, healthy dishes, biryanis, and more.

Chitra Sendhil:

  • Vegetarian blogger Chitra’s ‘Chitra’s Cookbook’ provides a range of North and South Indian recipes, including chutneys, biryanis, idlis, cakes, cookies, and millet recipes.

Hina Gujral:

  • Former financial analyst turned blogger, Hina’s ‘Fun Food Frolic’ showcases Indian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and snacks.

Richa Gupta:

  • Blogger and storyteller, Richa’s ‘My Food Story’ presents a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, offering fast and easy dinner ideas.


Who are the best food bloggers?

  • Some of the best food bloggers include Dassana, Archana Doshi, Malika Basu, Rajeswari Vijayanand, and Aarthi Satheesh.

How much do food bloggers earn in India?

  • Food bloggers in India can earn up to ₹50,000 to ₹100,000 through advertisements for every 1,000 page views.

What do food bloggers do?

  • Food bloggers share their experiences with food, including restaurant reviews, exploration of street food, and sharing exciting recipes.

Embark on a culinary journey with these talented food bloggers who have turned their passion for food into a delightful online experience. From step-by-step guides to videos and cooking classes, these bloggers have something for everyone.

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