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Top 10 Mom Bloggers in India for 2024

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Mom Bloggers A woman’s life is a multifaceted journey, and motherhood is a significant part of this intricate tapestry. Balancing a full-time job, household responsibilities, recreation, and the responsibilities of motherhood, Indian moms are breaking stereotypes and showcasing that they can be exceptional mothers while pursuing their passions Mom Bloggers.

Many Indian moms have seamlessly transitioned from blogging as a hobby to establishing it as a thriving professional career. Often starting by sharing their daily experiences as new mothers, these moms have evolved into influential figures in the blogging community. Their blogs provide invaluable insights into parenting, childcare, pregnancy, and nutrition, making them go-to resources for those expecting or navigating the challenges of parenthood.

Who Are Mom Bloggers?

Mom bloggers are everyday mothers who share their experiences and insights on parenting, childcare, and baby products through their blogs. They create a supportive space for other parents, offering guidance and building a sense of community.

How Do Mom Bloggers Help People?

Mom bloggers assist people in various ways:

  1. Facilitating an easier pregnancy journey for new mothers.
  2. Creating a safe platform for parents to discuss problems and find solutions.
  3. Helping new parents make informed decisions about baby products.

Mom Bloggers

Mansi Zaveri – Kids Stop Press

  • Founder of ‘Kids Stop Press,’ Mansi Zaveri simplifies parenting through her digital platform. The blog covers a wide array of topics, including pregnancy concerns, breastfeeding, toddler behavior, education, and vaccination.
Mom Bloggers

Mom Junctio

  • Founded by Sangram Simha, Veerendra Shivhare, and Chaitanya Nallan, Mom Junction is the largest global community of moms. The blog, approved by a medical review team, offers reliable information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby and toddler care, and parenting tips.
Mom Bloggers

Naiyya Sagi – Baby Chakra

  • Naiyya Sagi’s blog, ‘Baby Chakra,’ is a rapidly growing platform for parents, serving over 50 million content views monthly. The blog covers parenting stories, shopping for baby products, and provides information on pregnancy, baby care, and toddler care.
Mom Bloggers

Dr. Hemapriya – My Little Moppet

  • Known as ‘Doctor Mom,’ Dr. Hemapriya, a qualified medical practitioner, shares tried-and-tested advice on parenting, health, nutrition, and education. ‘My Little Moppet’ covers topics like toddler care, baby care, meal plans, and educational content.
Mom Bloggers

Sangeetha Menon – Bumps n Baby

  • Sangeeta Menon left her corporate job to start ‘Bumps n Baby,’ focusing on pregnancy, mom care, baby nutrition, child development, and safety. The blog also offers reviews of baby products, apps, gadgets, and more.
Mom Bloggers

Ekta Chawla – Confused Parent

  • Ekta Chawla’s ‘Confused Parent’ is one of the fastest-growing parenting communities, providing information on getting pregnant, newborn care, toddler and preschool, schools, games, and exercise for kids.
Mom Bloggers

Vaishali Sharma – The Champa Tree

  • Vaishali Sharma’s blog, ‘The Champa Tree,’ named after a flowering plant, covers various aspects of motherhood, parenting, babies, and childcare. The blog welcomes reader queries and offers real mom stories, pregnancy and parenting tips, and product reviews.
Mom Bloggers

Shruti Acharya – Artsy Craftsy Mom

  • Shruti Acharya’s ‘Artsy Craftsy Mom’ focuses on arts and crafts for kids, offering activities categorized by age. The blog also provides education, pregnancy, and childcare tips, along with features in prominent newspapers and magazines.
Mom Bloggers

Meghalee – Moms Cove

  • Meghalee’s blog, ‘Moms Cove,’ centers around pet parenting, motherhood, and positivity. Covering topics like surrogacy, parenting in the digital age, and mental health for new moms, the blog aims to create quality content.
Mom Bloggers

Tulika Singh – Mom Obsession

  • Tulika Singh, a reader and blogger, documents the joys and challenges of raising twins in her blog ‘Mom Obsession.’ The blog offers insights into the chaos and beauty of real-life twins, along with articles on life in general.
Mom Bloggers


Parenting is a journey without a manual, and mom blogs play a crucial role in helping new parents navigate the complexities of parenthood. With a wealth of articles on childcare, motherhood, and parenting, these blogs empower individuals to embrace the imperfect yet beautiful journey of raising children.


How much do mom bloggers make?
Mom bloggers can earn up to ₹15,000 per month.

How many mom bloggers are there?
There are several mom bloggers in India, including Mansi Zaveri, Naiyya Sagi, Dr. Hemapriya, Sangeetha Menon, and Ekta Chawla, among others.

How do I start a successful mom blog?
To start a successful mom blog, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Select a web hosting service.
  3. Set up your blog.
  4. Create and publish content.
  5. Promote your blog and grow your audience.
  6. Monetize your blog.

What are mom blogs?
Mom blogs are platforms where everyday mothers share their experiences and insights on parenting, childcare, and baby products. These blogs create a supportive community for parents navigating the journey of parenthood.

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