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Outdoor and Camping Bloggers

Top Affiliate Programs for Outdoor and Camping Bloggers

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Outdoor and Camping Bloggers Navigating the sea of affiliate programs as a blogger can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The outdoor and camping niche is no exception, offering a plethora of opportunities with varying commissions, cookie windows, and perks.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  1. A diverse range of affiliate programs suitable for outdoor bloggers
  2. Cookie periods for each program
  3. Commission rates for each program
  4. The ideal outdoor or camping blog for each affiliate program

Let’s dive into the best affiliate programs tailored for outdoor and camping enthusiasts:

Outdoor and Camping Bloggers

Outdoorsy Affiliate Program

Perfect for RV-centric blogs, Outdoorsy connects RV owners with potential renters. While their focus is primarily on RV rentals, the affiliate program can be lucrative, offering commissions of $60 or more per confirmed listing or rental. The 30-day attribution cookie allows for earning potential within that timeframe Outdoor and Camping Bloggers.

Marmot Affiliate Program

Catering to hikers and campers braving diverse weather conditions, Marmot’s affiliate program offers an 8% commission on eligible purchases, with a generous 90-day cookie period. Despite occasional customer service complaints, the potential earnings, and a broad product range make it a solid choice for outdoor bloggers Outdoor and Camping Bloggers.

REI Affiliate Program

REI, a renowned outdoor supplies retailer, suits blogs covering hiking and camping. With a 5% commission rate and a 15-day cookie window, quick conversions are essential for maximizing earnings. Despite recent customer service concerns, REI’s diverse product range, including bicycles and climbing gear, appeals to specialized blogs Outdoor and Camping Bloggers.

EVO Affiliate Program

Ideal for blogs covering general outdoor activities, EVO’s affiliate program offers a 5% commission on sales with a 30-day cookie period. With significant savings during sales events, EVO attracts customers across various outdoor interests. Positive customer service reviews enhance the overall appeal for both bloggers and readers Outdoor and Camping Bloggers.

Patagonia Affiliate Program

Targeting outdoor gear enthusiasts, Patagonia’s affiliate program boasts an 8% commission on sales and a 60-day cookie duration. The brand’s strong environmental stance aligns with eco-conscious blogs, contributing to positive reader experiences. Transparent conversion rates and potential earnings make Patagonia an attractive choice Outdoor and Camping Bloggers.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Affiliate Program

Focused on mountain exploration, camping, and hiking, Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s affiliate program offers a 10% commission over a 30-day cookie window. While conversions may be lower due to a more specialized product range, positive reviews ensure a positive brand experience for blog visitors.

YETI Affiliate Program

Tailored for casual outdoors blogs, YETI’s affiliate program emphasizes coolers and drinkware. With a 5% commission on orders and a 30-day cookie length, it caters to a more relaxed outdoor audience. However, considerations about customer service reviews should be taken into account before recommending YETI products.

Key Considerations:

When choosing an affiliate program, relevance to your readers is paramount. Opt for partnerships with longer cookie periods and higher commission percentages to maximize earnings. Remember, the right fit ensures both you and your readers benefit from the affiliate links.

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