Websites for Blogging Jobs
Websites for Blogging Jobs

11 Websites for Blogging Jobs and Getting Paid to Write in 2024

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Websites for Blogging Jobs I’m constantly on the lookout for talented writers (on a freelance basis) to collaborate with me across various projects, including this very blog. If you’re interested in applying for a blogging position with me, simply head over to this link and complete my contact form. Share a bit about yourself, your experience in blogging and freelance writing, and your rates. I can’t wait to hear from you!

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Are most blogging positions remote or in-person?

Today, the majority of blogging jobs are fully remote, as they only require a computer and a reliable internet connection. This shift has opened up paid blogging opportunities to writers worldwide who wish to monetize their skills. While in-person blogging positions still exist, typically as full-time content writer roles for specific businesses or agencies, the trend leans heavily toward freelance contracts that can be fulfilled from anywhere in the world. Since I aim to recommend blogging jobs that accommodate remote work, the Websites for Blogging Jobs listed below primarily feature remote-first positions.

If you’re considering a career in writing or blogging and wondering where to begin your search for blogging jobs, you’ve come to the right place. First, I’ll highlight the best Websites for Blogging Jobs for finding blogging jobs in 2023, followed by some tips on maximizing your chances of securing paid blogging work in your field.

Let’s dive into the top blogging job Websites for Blogging Jobs you should keep an eye on to land paid blogging gigs today.

Websites for Blogging Jobs:


Contena curates top-tier blogging jobs across various niches, from finance to lifestyle, food, technology, health, beauty, business, design, and more. While access to these blogging jobs requires membership, Contena’s platform offers invaluable resources and training to enhance your writing career. Although there’s an upfront membership fee of $497, the potential returns from landing high-paying gigs justify the investment.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs


SolidGigs aims to break the feast or famine cycle for freelancers by offering handpicked blogging jobs from reputable brands like WordPress, Trello, and Fox. They also provide comprehensive courses on launching and managing a freelance career, making their $19/month membership fee a worthwhile investment.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger Founded by blogging expert Darren Rowse, ProBlogger offers a job board where clients list available blogging positions. With intuitive filters and hundreds of open jobs, ProBlogger makes it easy to find your ideal gig in your preferred niche.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs features carefully curated blogging jobs from around the web, reducing time spent searching and minimizing exposure to scams. This free platform also offers valuable resources and advice for freelancers.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs lists various remote opportunities, including blogging jobs, allowing you to customize your search for flexible positions that suit your preferences.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro connects bloggers with businesses seeking their services. For a nominal fee of $30/month, brands can post blogging jobs, while bloggers can access the job board for free.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Be A Freelance Blogger

Be A Freelance Blogger focuses on coaching bloggers to monetize their writing skills. Their job board only features gigs that pay at least $.10/word or a minimum of $50/article, ensuring fair compensation for writers.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Direct Response Jobs

Direct Response Jobs Managed by AWAI, Direct Response Jobs features reputable opportunities in content marketing. While access to the latest jobs requires membership, joining AWAI provides additional benefits for aspiring bloggers.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing offers an up-to-date list of paid blogging gigs from various sources. With daily updates and competitive rates, this platform is ideal for freelancers seeking quality opportunities.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Morning Coffee Newsletter

Morning Coffee Newsletter delivers daily updates on blogging jobs directly to your inbox, making it a convenient resource for freelancers looking to jump-start their day Websites for Blogging Jobs.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing not only lists job rates but also specifies the experience level required for each position, simplifying the application process for writers Websites for Blogging Jobs.

 Websites for Blogging Jobs

Among the various blogging job platforms mentioned, All Freelance Writing stands out as one of the rare ones that not only discloses the compensation for each job but also specifies the level of experience required by the client. This feature greatly simplifies the process of choosing and applying for blogging opportunities that align well with your skills and are worth your time Websites for Blogging Jobs.

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